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Our Vision

Mindtree knows that parents make the best possible teachers. We believe that the best education is uniquely adapted to each individual child, unlike a one-size-fits-all in our public school system. The optimum place to provide learning is at home in emotionally stable circumstances, and in the imaginative environment Mindtree creates for parents and students.  

Our Mission

To make the world a better place by raising a new generation of well-adjusted, educated, happy, socially-conscious men and women who are able caretakers of our planet and culture and will actively support sustainable ways to preserve it.

Our Strategy

As parents ourselves, we understand the necessity but also the limitations of our school system. We help parents take back institutionalized education, and return it to its rightful place: your family and your home. Mindtree gives you the tools to help you become competent educators of those very special students: your own children. We know your time is not infinite, and that not everyone can have their children home-schooled. We are sensitive to the needs of working parents, and our programs have built-in flexibility of scheduling, essential to maximize your participation.


ArtWednesdays in Mamánek

Community gatehring, art workshop in simple english for everybody. No sign up, come if you have time. Participation only for costs. 

Learn to learn, learn to teach - teaching method for parents


Refresh your brain


Supporting Parents - Teaching Children

MindTree Academy was born out of an idea: create a method adapted to the brain and to the personality of the children coming learning. We are stimulating all the senses to reinforce memory and help memorising with spaced repetition and emotional connection.
Our artist teacher has a lot of creative ideas thus kids are also learning through tactile experience.

We promise to only speak in english in the learning phase with you.r child.

MindTree Academy is NOT

 just another school you drop your child once a week, indistinguishable from schools that teach how to color inside the lines, or loads up your child with more homework. Nor do we create the false-expectation that your child will learn English with a one-hour lesson each week. 

We recognise that creative playtime is a wonderful opportunity for adults to nurture inquisitive minds with multiple activities ignored by public schools. learning assimilated through play.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge.
For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world,
stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."

Albert Einstein

MindTree Academy IS 

a creator of tools with which we empower parents to make education a family affair,

reconnect to their children with playful learning time together, and prepare children for the challenges they will encounter in their life. 
 We help you to take teaching back to a personal level, as it used to be for millenniums. 

You are reading this because you care, because you are among the cadre of enlightened parents who are aware that the public educational system that has conscripted your child is not perfect, and you search for solutions, something to unleash your child’s creative potential.


We have the solution you’ve been looking for.

We partner with you in a framework that coaches you to teach virtually any material in a dynamic, fun and fast way to help overcome the limitations—the crisis—in the educational system. You have the alternatives of joining us or leaving your child in our capable hands, or in some combination of these options.

Please check out our courses, come to our next free masterclass to get an idea of how we do what we believe to be the best we can offer to the future.  

MindTree: Supporting Parents – Teaching Children


Spring break intensive courses
in Ceske Budejoviceat RC Mamánek

Five-day intense course for beginners as part of the spring break camp. Only two hours per day of English but all fun: painting, messing, jumping, learning. This course will open the appetite because it is all but school-like. Why not try something completely different? For the best results we mix creative art, physical exercises and learning. We are flexible: come for only one day, or the days of your choice. We are here to make your life easier!


Monthly seminars for motivated parents

After the initial course we meet regularly with the participating parents and kids to see the progress of our "new born teachers" and their "students". We analyse, adapt and correct our methods to meet the very specific needs of the children.


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